(573) 288-2115
200 Lewis Street,   Canton, Missouri

(573) 288-2115   200 Lewis Street  Canton, Missouri

Insurance Explained

Some of the first questions we will ask to ensure your repair work gets done as fast as possible include:

1.  Is the repair an insurance claim or self pay?

2.  Have you contacted your insurance company?

3.  Do you have a claim number?

4.  Do you have a deductible?

Once we get your insurance information including your insurance representatives contact information, we will conduct a thorough inspection of your vehicle and send our findings as well as photos to your adjustor.  A big misconception is that you need to get several estimates for repair work.  Where you get your vehicle repaired is completely up to you.  Some insurance companies have "preferred" shops, however, it is ultimately your decision as insurance companies can not "steer" you to one service shop over another.  Whether we are your insurance company's "preferred" shop or not, we always guarantee the work we perform.

Once we receive the okay from you and your insurance company, we will start the repair process immediately.


(573) 288-2115 200 Lewis Street - Canton, Missouri